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"The chrome and nonsense is madness incarnate"

"Chrome above all is representative of murder, unfortunate children, mental illness, violence and death of innocence"

"Chrome is a set of verses that could not make the cut or placing in fuller or more together pieces"

"Chrome has many voices spoken from many, the narrator is far far more than one...."

"We were mere moments away from being, becoming rich men, only grandfather was too outspoken and left wing to steer, to hold the reigns of which the burning, angels namesake man came to hold"

"She told me her old grandfather, was something of a double, most troubling it was for him, seeing a dead man in the mirror"

"You seem to place so very stock and import on the things in which I say, that at the time I did not mean, you tie me to them, the set of invisible ropes and binds"

"A Christian by his ways, so the boy should be schooled under a facility of its creeding, yet the child shared his surname, embarrassingly, with that of the devil, an education so refused...on that very basis"

"The creative process comes not from toxins taken, it was within you, ingrained since you were born"

"At first he slept after twelve or at, then it was 10, then 9, then, 8, then 6 its as early as 4 he turns in at...soon he'll sleep for the rest of his days..."

"How I missed the soundtrack of things falling, as you were away from I, surprised you were allowed to carry me from day one and before"

"It is hard to believe that every lunatic, starts their life as an innocent bab, free of sin, though  few do fuck over their mothers when childbirth does come and factor in"

"When the Christians mention revelations and the apocalypse, did nobody take note, that we were already in one? Of a financial, going fiscal manner?"  

"I recall when the renovation were being placed over ruin and vestige for a time, I was on one occasion forced, to soak my skin at grandmother's gravestone, the result was something of a morbid experience"

"Remus and Romulus, that barmy, two brother pair, never put my own to any kind of despair, I remember the illustrated version when I was eight, the part where one got picked off was my favorite, wouldn't be a surprise to tell you it just happens to still be!"      

"I married a man, little did I know I'd be treating him like a spoiled, extra son in search of a second mother"

"When I was young and spoke to father about aristocrats, he described them as having, obscenely long nails, gnarled, pale, thin forms, inbred blood, mother cut in to mention they wore the wigs, caked their faces with make up, to cover up the blotches of, imperfect, exceedingly infected skin, dosed the perfumes, to distract from the odor of the privileged"    

"They have, akin to, like a joke that never dies, played it by the channels oh so many times, that all trace of power hath been lost"  

"Can't you just be happy with nostalgia, even though its never what it used to be?"

"This isn't progress, merely the illusion of it, stonewalling masquerading as an attempt at it, we're going nowhere and thats an undeniable fact"

"Religious, though I may not agree with it is a capable healer of such and so many woeful woes, it gives a strength, an escape to the afflicted, case in point ferrara's female friar...I think at least..."

"Absolutely none, not a shred of love exists between I nor you, my body does not pine, lust long gone, yet I feel some draw to you and were we to meet again I would like to experience a collision of both our skins, to experience that softness and security once again"  

"Why of why did my eyes at eleven or fourteen or so start crying, when with glass they were coated...I cared nothing for appearances, perhaps it was the change or maybe I simply did so on a reflex to appear normal or thought I was supposed to in such a situation, I look back a feel confused by those tears"

"The soul snagged into heaven or hells hands, the corpse still dry and lying still, perhaps a few cocks and courts in between the carcasses carpet might so seduce the spirit back to the land of the living"

"They carried him home in khaki clothes soaked in blood, courtesy of his countries carnage"

"Occasionally the hours jump, resulting in ones lost or gained, when time marches forward by one lost hour, a child dies, whence it rolls back by a similar sixty minutes, its not so surprising to hear, that a single dead shall return...although only somewhat...but sometimes it is simply decided, that in either case...innocence shall be stolen instead...."  

"Well would never have guessed, it would appear I am a creature that bonds better and at my best among strangers moreso than what one would call a friend"

"I was once an avid reader, but you led me astray and I let you"

"Two lovers meet and wouldn't you know, I hardly being discrete could only show my disgust and lack of understanding, by cringing at such a sight, a blight upon my cynical outlook"

"My just playing mockeries, you would later tell me, were part of the considerations for your thoughts toward suicide!"

"All of these things I put down for but a moment somewhere...only for my memory to become misplaced seconds later"

"She told me to seek Sir Anthony, a saint needing prayers but dead men, gosh darnit  how did I forget saints are hardly reliable when it comes to finding things"

"I need, no I require the soft touch, flesh of a woman but not so far as to mate with her but rather to be held by her as if she were a mother, a mother I could love as a woman, one in which I may be with romantically involved yet have no familial relations social nor genetic to"  

"I am sorry to reveal that I live within a tower, the tallest of them all, do I disappoint you, for I have no basement in which to dwell"

"They claim a man can't don a dress, then a cardinal goes by in one of Christ's skirts, just doesn't make sense you know?"

"Arrangements resulting in inconveniences for the other party, can often bring to parties together rather successfully and quite well through bonding"

"I observed a youngling in the arms of its owner also human earlier this evening and unusually while my actions suggested I was compelled toward the charm associated with such a sight, I carried very little, you might say nothing on the inside, mere actions, no more than that. no true care for new life"

"The spit bucket Asian, the tall tales school Chaplin told me, a fast act so extreme, that to  merely swallow was  a sin"

"A valentine for another girl when i was just young, but I didn't get it at the time so I tore it up and simply did not send it, all the while in immense embarrassment"

"I do not no why but the notion of group intimacy, the fuckbuddy concept, the one night stand, open marriages, bigamy, polygamy repulse me, one to one I say no more, perhaps it was the result of that skeleton modern vicars cult that made me feel this way"

"Fanaticism frightens me, it does so profoundly deeply...I fear it greatly, its overwhelming, insane philosophy"

"I would say fuck you if only you hadn't done the same to me so many times already"

"One wishes that they would stop detonating in the desert, frightfully hard to sandcastle while dealing with their background carpet bombings"

"I painted the sky blue as soon as I saw it went black!"

"Despite how often she would speak of it and that I put it upon my list, said that I would seek it, that piece of fairydust, animated filth has yet to grace my eyes"
"Someone once told me of a teacher, one you were not meant to be left alone with, but that was just the way things were, just kept on teaching"

"The wheel no longer rotates, the water dry, the sparks won't fly, the chariots, mercuries will not go there and so many are lost in search of it, dishes punish and calls are fragmented, connections cannot be made from time to time, no October children and nobody knows one another and the same alarms been sounding since forever"

"You can be amongst friends for twenty years of your life, perhaps more and never know a single thing about them"

"When you think about it, it is a might rather idiotic to make claim a creature who cannot stand the touch of others and finds it contaminating would enjoy a beating from that very other, for I am one who initiates contact, makes the first moves not the opposite way round, I strike first"

"One attempts to slumber before the depth before dawns hours to find she must lay awake to play the keymaster from the idiot and the drunk"

"One attempts to make contact, to find there are no signals, no power, no responses"

"One attempts to order ones own meals at sufficient speed and is left waiting a good two hours for its arrival"
"Don't you know, all they are, all you see is the actor, not the person playing? Furthermore so many cake their face with fake, cosmetic, whose to tell anymore?"

"A birth by way of a shining supernova, lighting up the sky, not enough happiness, light of kindness to make my sadness go away"

"The definition of the materialist is he who places far too much on what one owns, the empire sure has quite the lot of the lands, the greatest lot it owns I am told, the imperial is indeed exerting and claiming its importance through the material, the matter it has amassed"

"I pay the full fifty in fivers and say we'll split it and I suck him of twenty fives and he doesn't have to go out of his way to get the goods for another, my contributions for a price on him too"

"Ah but a poor man should never pay a rich man's bills in numbers, the creation of the trinity tax system is paramount, for such a profoundity, to assign separate paybacks for each of the social classes be essential"  

"The network has eliminated privacy, whether you like it or not someones got your wiki entry"

"Never got behind the wheel, two nor four nor other, couldn't even get past the ropes you see...couldn't even go to the gallows properly"

"Life may very well be what you make it, it was also a broken and valued as nothing pieces well before that"

"Ha, the Northmen, the vikings were without horns to hells helmets, you just imagined them as devils and so saw such, the ships upon the ocean horizon were merely vessels, not the monsters they must have looked to be to your fear filled gaze"

"She was a teenage satanist! And Gee gosh willy I was okay with it! As you do!"

"An abusive lover? Abusers should not have the word lovers attached to them, for they are merely abusers"

"dreams never realized, never materialize, but nightmares always shall...just the way of things"

"One seeks the single mother in her lonesome, expecting that she wants, demands less from you than a woman younger than her in years"

"Torture boy, lover girl...wish there was more I could say!"

"Before the abuse I was a wide eyed child, then my eyes slanted and I was a wide assholed adult as a result of said sad childhood"

"I was pretty content with your death, that was until the coroners report told me you'd come back life, then I got fairly sad after that point"

"I broke contacts contract with him during his bloke period at odds with my bleak one when I was quite young, went through the lad fad too so he did"  

"Pound kicked through my now disfigured face was I by the winged horse of persistent, never subsisting pestilence, master thus did I, the art of nasal trumpetry"

"I confessed my sexual evils and misconduct with an equally insane relative...the result...acceptance"

"Turn on the news, its the perfect place to get all of your 9 o clock melodrama media"

"Just thought I would place you in the know, those drugs you take to make you well again, nothing but not you, chemical induced personality through and through!"

"All life, creation is equal, I see no reason as to why the deaths of the creature of man should not be considered equal either!"

"The mother of bottle tears sees my eyes have become no more than red seas as far as hers can see, so she drops the syringe waters within, I respond in abject  fear and instinctive panic"

"Once we were the hunter we have our food simply handed to us like aristocrats by comparison"

"Old Len, down by the reef and coral stall, despite cuddling with the crackpot cabal, stripped rather well on film, on camera"

"He extends the hand of welcome and friendship and during the process I am possessed by the thoughts of, God knows where that hand has been"

"I see that you have been promptly cheated out of a victory by luck of the enemies draw, before the finish line nonetheless, in a sublime  criminal manner, hows that working out for you?"

"Songs for God, do not necessarily a diminished talent or hack tune make!"  

"I see my bed was prepared without the attention to the nails! Were they pulled, how painful it must have been! I must now pretend that they are there as upon that bed I am about to lay! Not enough pain in a day is bad for you they say!"

"I used to enjoy the sound the bellhop made when he rang his titular charge, but one day despite efficiency...why he stopped ringing, turned to chiming his neck instead, must have been the low pay, that on which he could never have on gotten by"

"I have quite a compulsive, obsession brainworks curse in constant session, what if it landed on, I must kill, what if I did so then could not get enough?"  

"Look, why look at them all puppets, doing puppet dancing things to puppet masters strings!"

"Poetry enables one to separate themselves from
their own simplistic voice to cast like spells so many others."

"Someone told me they watched an acid baptism that went straight through to the skull and they didn't give a damn, felt nothing, decided not to watch a single other acid baptismal ever again, why would he, he claimed, wheres the value when it can't even effect you?"

"I am the tycoon of trans+for+figuration, the butterfly that gets to be embraced by the buglike wings a thousand and more times over"

"I do not believe women to exist to be the slaves of man, no I believe all should be equally unequal, mutual inequality."

"Theres this guy you see, this man, he tells his, the same story, got a bunch of them then he eventually goes on his way, has it prepared to tell to another allover again"

"If God is trapped inside a machine then God might as well be artificial"

"I cut her as if an army of inner, vivisecting, exiting insects"

"All hail to the chief known as the schlock and chop shooter, bloodrenched, bullet proof bastard, not a bit of it his own, tyrant to those in terror of him, rip shots to and through the limbs, murderer, marauder"  

"The arrogant bitch who wrote this garbage piece of poetry, said she wanted to kill people when she was little and aspired to it".      

"Poor little leaflet girl, tact with the task of stuck on notes, they said it was a humiliating position, they weren't wrong at all"

“Jingoism prison, gung ho whores, misplaced patriotism , nationalist propaganda , pit to the stomach, sickening pride so many people hate it!”

"He told me that while he respected the woman who wrote this' work, that he was thankful he went untested, free of examination of her pieces, due to the efforts that went into analysis, it appealed to her arrogance and she fantasized the notion of her words upon the scholastic papers"

"The world has shown itself to see approaching kindness with suspect, that underlying that kindness may be expecting something else in return of its use!"

"Following my partings with that girl, I continued to watch the rest of her years from then on in observing, always looking out for new developments"

"Took a might too many glumdrops from the glum tree and now your feeling a might bit sad"

"The black eye should be your badge of honour, the scars something to remember me by!"

"Hello Mr blind, I see that you are doing rather well, good-day lady deaf, could you lend me an ear heh heh?"

"Outside I'm stiff and stoic to the world, inside I'm laughing hysterically at what tripe that very world is"

"The cat scratches ones leg within the depths of deathly edged night, peels, dissolve, digs down, erodes the flesh upon away, you wake up to the bone in the repugnant, repulsive remain, lets decay today together like they say!"

"Do not assume that a person who is a teller of tales is one who understand them"

"Why do the denizens of the network forever assume that its never a woman behind the monitor , until they say that they are so?"

"That (was it permanent?)cut I left down his right eye when he jumped on me when I was littler, he never told anybody and I know fully well why, he would have to reveal how he got it, through his crime against me"  

"Faces are but things I mimic as part of the everyday routine, but what if I met with somebody who did the same and we were both waiting for the other to play before we imitated?"

"I'm a busy bee amidst a treasure honeyhunt and my dear lets be honest you're one hell of a cunt worth and given her dues of carving up"

"If one follows along with  the impossible to understand for all...then he can avoid looking stupid before those he experiences such a thing among, in the instance he'll have an excuse not to understand unlike every other time!" 

"I also it should be said do not possess the mind of a normal man, for it is an aphid, hopping brain, thus with that twitch I am quite prone to poem" 

"Take a look at your old save file, look at it closely and see that  after the final fight the data never, it just doesn't get saved, each time you reload your at a stalemate with that final enemy, have to win the day, save the world all over again in a last stand...your victory doesn't last forever"  

"Towers climb with us, layers traveled reach us to higher levels of consciousness"   

"Navy blue, whats that daddy, you and a whole army of semen or was it seamen!? Drowning my teeny tiny hymen while humming how you "loved me"  while the was no ending to the continuous cumming,You'd think I'd know, your friends and you have been raping non-stop me since day one!"

"To kick off the fairytales that follow...I've hidden Heidi in a hidey hole within the mountains, tasered Anne with cables"
Before we begin for the perverts heres a preface sit with shit attached, I found a brooch, etched, hole filled with diamonds, pearls and emeralds, it had utterly priceless value, it was not considered to have one put upon better than a paupers trinket or bracelet if something so worth something is to be regarded this way...I pulled out every gem and swallowed two eyes the diamond and pearl replaced bulging out...coughing emeralds ever since.... Say you...yes you right there making points to the zodiac...they call that star a sign of cancer...which you happen to have...oh come on wheres your sense of tumour! Introspects of my creator come in the form of a load magazine from her youth..she should not of infant wrapped in bandages who knows its status? Born in the flames.  A slave ship where they play hangman in the form of wind chimes with people instead...hovers over head...engine makes the noises of an infants a contrast...I thought it was charming...but you wouldn't, being a chickenshit coward...I have so many many different personalities insida me...that sometimes I have to go we instead of just me...share achievements between my different selves where it was probably just one of us...I am der Vaterlanden, die gunnen und die Hologeist along the coast...gonna lay a crazy grave making wave 'a gravy across the world... Oh you great big sieg heil sour pussycat you..sprachen sie Deutsche zmg?  You know I saw one skinny ass fucker there lately he was...christ and they tell me anorexia's the woman's disease of all things!I finish off this segment by cementing the pelican's knife slash ensuring its wings groundings...hilarious...Necks are fucking funny y'know aren't they? Whatever you do never leave a child with psychotic tendency around them...choking hazard n' all!
               ********Das Beggint*******
My writer whispers that she likes it when Jacks on the trade as opposed to the beanstalks...she likes a bit of charm and harm when they gel but not when they get together..which is it? Yet she's in love with both? As for me my love is misogyny and well outright'd like that first one wouldn't you?  A pink lady..sentimental swordplayers..I prefer to do my own thing..shatter the training wheels..take the breaks off..I told her my pop tricked and thats partially why I was susceptible to the white knight pushing me over the edge as I'll elaborate later! So I gutted him after threatening to marry the dagger to my own throat...and "coz he loved me" after we got a few times "sorecozy" in a French I took advantage! OH BOY! Y'know..heh heh like I was..geddit? It would seem that only helpful strangers are prosecuted and those who pimp, prostitsanassditute the younglings like I had been go free! Why is it that all the madness is drawn to me...? Is it because I've got chromosome M ? Weird little tangenitalman universe here but...why when I was young..for all my love of evil..did I only wish to be the grand vizier? The second in command? Children are weird that way...must because it looked cooler to me...wasn't about the power then...
                 ****First canto****
Little Red Riding Hood tight as a tart, click clock clitoris, tasting of liquorish, perfect as peaches and cream, partaking in a parfait, wandering through the woods , repulsive Rapunzel riddled in riddles, a lost and lamenting Lolita , with a mission on her mind. She tiptoes by a house of ginger , foreshadowing  her fate , she spies a murdered mermaid at the lake, the prince’s fall from his destined tower , admiring the grace of the ever sleeping beauty , never to awaken, turned her round , tugged her like a horse, reigning her by the hair and shoved something you shouldn't say rapidly down her asshole, got to into it and  if she ever gets out of bed she'll need a wig .
A beauty both beaten and berated by the beast , what fairytale adventure awaits this young maiden? Throughout thee gaps of the notes and lyrics, non-existant footsteps can be heard, the moon begins to rise within night, accompanied by the tide that represents my inner strife....I complain quietly as cock robins cuckoo clock is killed by the arrow of the sweet natured sparrow...know that at any moment should anything change....I might go mad...comfort never aging...never ending madmoiselle of strings....mercury runs throughout the master races blood...hopping like a hare...hallucinating like a hatter.

                             ***Second canto****
I will see to it that she suffers , in my world there is no happily ever after , only savage , monstrous laughter. I see Prince Charming with a rope around his neck....hanging to speak, the death of a hero who solves his own sins.
The abdication of Alice, the slaying of Snow White , to the ridicule of Rapunzel. I live to ruin , destroy these children’s tales for you…making you see that the world we live in  is not so cheerful…. An invitation arrives upon her doorstep , inviting her for teatime, I the hatter fondles, her harmonica with glee...a crusade of eros...not bound by the concept of chronos....the caffeinated liquior wriggles its way...down her own rabbit hole....causing complications...wonderous ruptures and raptures.....say anyone care for her standing ovulations...cadbury's best..Crimea themed creme eggs?
                           ***Third canto****                                 
She knocks gently on her grandmother's door , I open it in response , showing her  in. Courteously she accepts my invitation , she has no idea what I have in store. I relieve dear Wendy of her beloved Peter , disposing of the remains carefully. I turn the rocking chair toward her revealing a young lycan with a taste for human flesh , dressed in his ballroom best. He licks his lips , she tries to escape but I forbid it. I point to a headstone and smile. She sees dear Walter’s name engraved , I am sorry but your time is up.  The animal disrobes , descending to all fours….and the rest is history…..I let him savor the taste while I take the apples  from her basket….before taking the wolf’s head in marriage….fetching a pretty penny for myself….from the vengeful families….I told you didn’t I…?

                          ***Fourth canto****
It is a good thing I have my words to fall back on...for I am invisible....much of what I say does not incaptivate...there is little of common interest....sometimes people can be so close and yet so far...Soon everything will break... I must stop chasing after a distant forgotten past for my own good...I check the meaning of an Eastern text , while realizing my bubbles will one day be broken , everything must be in sequence, on schedule. I have told him , the one from a drafted poem  almost everything. I recall, the memories of yesterday....rolling in a mixture of quality and filth..while waiting for my target to was well worth my even temporarily cleansed my memory of their episodic adventures....featuring the humorless trinity of samurai and their of their voices was unfortunately in full bloom...
I attempt escape , shifting my focus , to a group of armed excorcists , a story that contains both characters and killers the two are so deep and compelling , beautiful battles , sweet flavoured voices ,improving with each passing second , changing tunes successfully, tender , loving , superior and circus worthy humor , a brush stroke of excellence that I may only mention within the pages of this current manuscript, animated to perfection with magnificent men and monsters, an adventure that dares to thread in the arena of romance, the result is something that makes me smile in approval as I admire each and every princess available on show. a superb cocktail of quality I must say , far better than others of its kind, I have a number in mind which I shall not say out of fear of repercussion. A black and white successor to this rare and pretty gem will follow and shall be indulged if I have the time, both have a tale to tell , unlike some others of their kind my readership is guaranteed. My gallant Ga-rei of an Eastern series of shells by the shore, a truly tasty , cartoonish decor if not in the same league of the geese's encoded gulls. A fitting antidote, similar in nature to the sinner's cleanse the mundane magic of the  mouryou no Maburaho..., say does anyone fancy a giant mecha, its my Mecca and most makes me moist, sexually, bah but its all CG, shouting at each other or hypocritical pieces of peace speechs and convolution politics for thicks who think their clever! My poetry reads as why not my reviews? My verses receive the most why not merge two methods? If I write what the world wishes to see maybe I can acquire non believers to comply and take the written world....

                              ***Fifth canto****
A room with artificial, electrical light, machines upon machines everywhere and some that are so heavy you’d have to wonder how they can be sailing through the sky. This is the world I’ve woken up in. Screen, rather than stage plays shaken and speared. I panic but then think quickly, remember that there is in the face of what seems to be science, imperfect, irrational supernatural, religious explanation for neverything. Value and moral will not be considered wrong, doubted or superficial, that is the nature of this serial…to inform against the odds! These cads, these cons and cods!
                              ***Sixth canto****
I decide to fantasize insane thoughts, if this is reality I’ll just escape from it with beautifully hideous and disgusting images and lies. I write the unwritten verse of chrome and go versus against it all. Dizzy Disney dancing in the winds of turmoil and tizzy, a boil of boils and we can’t have that, all too comfy, cosy, nice and that.
I am an alien to the world because I have not wished to live in it.  
                           ***Seventh canto****
I take obvious inspiration from a fetish portrait, but do things a little differently. The witch not a woman persay but a man with twos penchant. Hansel’s bygone breasts, love folds, to Gretal’s all the more well fed handles and holds. If he can’t have his own sister as she is before him now more desirable..the warlock won’t either…Gretal the greedy little tart thinks so too and so with teeth Hansel grates Gretal up like cheese but the lovely Gretal responds before her death by brother's tooth fairy odd, storytime slashings, blends him in her belly….the warlock prepares the bread and threes a sandwitch for the parents that arranged it all. That’s what they put me in for and now I’m getting how the worlds changed…since my incarceration….this is what I’ll just have to accept…this reality…
I never thought that I would be revisiting the chrome again...The walls were very very thin and it was he crept up behind me..the white knight as a footnote I knew that he had caught up with me...made me begin my journey towards accepting MY reality because I rejected joining away no others but the crimson knight have.

                             ***Eighth canto****
In think back thus to the hint of events I scarcely remember beyond this which led to my incarceration debacle added here for the deviant errors would not allow me elsewhere:
The pupils in my quiet classroom face, in disco song seep and dilate and my brain box goes royally bonkers. No substance was abused, just the music that shuck me to alert, made me feel invincible, unstoppable, uncontrollable, brimming with speed, gonna go everywhere, gonna go to the extreme, gotta go fast. Lids like crack open pods and I’m howling at the moon, dancing as if I was a snake charmed. Bursting blue eyes, blistering a sudden change from the sloth slides, slips in from, on the side and a great burst of aggression and power occurs…goes down..calms..then I hear it again…
                      ***Ninth canto****  
Can’t say I could stay still to the sound of music, springs me back to life, gets me my next hit in more ways than one. Ingested through ears, all for good vibrations and oh how incredible it all is.  I fall in love so easily, like a loose goose girl shagged on cinders sleeping beautifully on more accurately whats not on me at the time. Lyrics or lustfully the idea of those licked away I do not differentiate on which coils me. Its got more bloody buzz than the bottle and its synonyms…upon hearing pupils dilate double time..and then I know I’m in trouble…and I start dancing…but not like any dance you’ve seen before…  
I'd heard it before I lost it all and again in the four walls and I know it was the knight who played it originally..first as a warning..then as a punishment...he must have hated me for thinking of refusing..then actually doing selfish!

                              **** Tenth canto****
My delusions must stop....I need to accept day my own fairytale will have to come to a close....the spiral of heat and hope is dead...mimicking orphans without bread.....then it hit me harder than ever a chrome coloured masterpiece of forbidden think of all the time I lost and wasted throughout the years....little miss muffet dethroned from her tuffet, flesh removed, fucked firmlly, ferociously in a bucket, a crumpled cunt carved quite coldly, starved of affection.... her duchy in dissaray...her flesh and blood fuel the soil of this foul mouthed fairytale.
My own tears have been shed and must be cured....I leave you with some final words....
There is no such thing….as happily ever after…. 
                         ***Eleventh canto****                  
In reference to such endings I can only say that the chrome is relapsing, my whole mind is collapsing just after my releasing.  The metal is indicative of my mental state, the chrome is just that, an alloy, not my ally and now there are two, harder than the last. The mad inevitably return to being mad, its just the way it all goes and flows, just grows and grows. The rhymes were all for a different nursery for each I took a number of children I could not remember and re-enacted darker versions of the myths.I eat fruit and nutcracker nuttiness from the C you know what it stands for plate...far from stainless or painless...

I am apt at mime and mimicry, becoming the one I stand before or another also , who I think of and meet face to face  is who’ll I’ll be. I wear a wide variety of clothes, pertaining to those of different positions, persons throughout the world, even genders. Unlimited is the I that is the empty shell, can you imagine my utter hell, which continues to this day, but I find so so difficult to put clearly into honesty or words..but here it is…
I came from nowhere and never had much of a personality to begin with, boring defaults at best. Have felt this way since childhood , heart is also inconsistent, don’t know things for sure half the time pluck of or full of never know when. When I asked to hard about myself or what I thought was such a question I panic and ran home scared from the college collective.
If you were such a abhorrent monster like me for all these years… with moments of sadart high glees and please hit me’s ….at least I’m good for literature…so let’s ask around..know anybody else who’s not a schizoid but took on many instinctively because emptiness was intrinsic…a because I am sick sick sick…have been for a remarkable amount of time..only coming into settling on something more closely in recent years….
..don’t hate me for it…in that mode I did enough…especially years ago..these are the words of a teenaged self-more coherent spoken and on lesser occasion..but still felt…
                             ******side material******
Whets my appetite for a good old fashioned white, wet tee-shirt competition involving all of the teachers longs, soggy, silly little, cynical deluge because it shows them all as waterfly, skiing, playing children like those they mentor. One man told me he deeply respected women..then told me of his disgust of seeing them together, it deeply aroused him though…super feminist there. Started with an R so she says then fell in love , when he said yes and she said no.
Muzzled ladies in the lockher up rooms frothing sex starved rabies , muzzled though they be..waiting, wanting simply to be jaw cuddling.  Full up with babies in their bellies, childs of surely off the wall appal and insanity, wanna call some names they each told me theirs and y'know what I responded "first names Bendover, seconds should be mouthy lil' bitch". Feed them off to the glutton futon if need be, where sleeping bags lie. A gallery of too nudity photos and severed limbs..all for research! Swear, swear, really!  Obtained ‘em legally…
Go place faces, people you abjectly hate but love deeply but begruddgingly, your faces are so obvious just play along with the shit for aboves and go wild , take out those frustrations. Nobodies  seriously dreaming anymore the bullshit right? I only wish I could say that…people just aren’t honest…they have to tell necessary lies around, about folk they forget or wish they could when they get back home. And that’s a broken logic as soon as you say I’m wrong…
Can you do things with your hands in the same way they do on the level your brain works for you? Do not assume tradesmen are fools, maybe it was you out of that misplaced jealously that they are more skilled than you at their jobs of labour than your cold intellectual firms practice is the cause of the pictures of the separate limbs. In reference to the face crowd..they are a disgrace..fakes , actors in each others midsts and should be Peter panned by critics..have their clits cleared out of shit and their cocks neutered…its on the level of facay and self trickery that love potion romance would bring if you think that’s the right way to live…hiding what you truly think of people…except in private…
I was put in a room full of people with the same kinda crazy which was about as sensical as say tradesmen were fools that fell from the foals vagina and smash their heads but still lived…got my named changed to Jack for the laugh and occasion. You can write the same themes many times..but in different ways..but is that a new tune or just a tweaking..veil of an old one? Now let’s end things on a theory proposed by a Maiden with forty seven guns gone and grabbed from the defacto depot…sister up sippers from Japan…well its more about who they already know and don’t have to do the work to woo, a familar, the mad bastards , rather than thinking too much of their ties have nothing to do with their magic fetish because all it means reading deeply into their spellbook is they like the idea of something they can call close enough to already know..a person named  a sister but not one for sinister attention!

                              ******twelfth canto******
So there you have your answer to this here little riddle…I think it says more about the one who wreaked, tweaked, wrote the havoc that is it….I’ll always be staring at that shiny steel, so firm..its hold over me….remembering has not brought salvation or guilt…I must stop its nonsense…who can…when one gets a taste…and sees the beautiful chrome…? I still can’t believe they thought I was well go home! Once upon a time never made much sense or solace to me after the first students at the playschool the little  pigs who I huffed and puffed all the way down in smoke and flames before I ran off to do some more...not so fabled things!
                        *****Intermission canto******
Eyes shut to metal, spinning, slender serpents two, the parking pot lot lucks, a dying man getting ready to undergo a change pushes me into the lifts and complains of vampires on the prowl...there might be another killer out there, chrome effected like I that did it to him. Old games are played as I observed victims, are logged out by the loop-da-loop length of iron, tricolour, playground arch milksnake. A French hero scorned shows himself in the park then elludes me..for good...a terrorist on my turf...shouting out about trout childs for the way of the ray , aqua to be sent sacrifices...French hero he called himself...he made me feel a bit blue you might say..maybe he's a force worse than me? Blue for birds complex...a beardstroke then a self banish and vanishment....    

****************************A little bit on the side****************************

And now, the freakshow lovers, he with the cyborg legs, crow’s feet, skeleton arms and torso, shriveled face, blind, birth with the unborn eyes. The sad individual’s depth of throat and extension from where tongue would have settled. Perfectly matched was he with the twitch figure twig woman, whom wore also her bare sex upon what would have been on a normal human figure simply a true, featured face, though hers full encompassing, covering, moreso than his which held the benefits of retreat by receding inside of him.
The gap that passed for his mouth forced open at the sight of the fellow horror that was her, he pulled forth, toward him that slit form disgrace of a face, his en masculin’ rasp, grasping at the opportunity, to descend into that unmistakably, undeniably feminine face and the freakshow kiss commenced, as she turned to the crowd thereafter they saw she sobbed scarlet, a few days later a co-star complained of swelling in  what passed for the woman’s “face”, to this even the circus overlords consider it a step too far, despite some suggesting the public appeal…the final decision was to pull the trigger on her right then and there….her perfect match stayed silent in the coming days and far more after that…thinking of her he bit his hardened “tongue”  his “depth of throat”  and that was the end of….

… the freakshow lovers
*****************************                  ******************************
                      ***Thirteenth canto****
A pinochio to the Gepetto prose..poem and tunes..playing out in and through my head....ordering me two use two swords,one of flesh..the other of chrome...did you really think these were fantasies? What stories have you been reading? This was all very real...I did every bit of it...raped and killed them as Frank as my name was given to me at birth... with the right drugs everyone..even the kids, parents and teacher took each other apart...or was tat took heart..or took part maybe? Did the knight actually have a hand in that..their parts also? 
                         *****Fourteenth canto*****
Another chrome of madness is comin' on, lets have another addition, update on the madness shall we? My delusions are detonating, all coming back to me in fresh new, more interesting waysthan before.The cage system I know well from being on the inside, it just has this weird thing about working out that way, you just can’t personalize an incarceration or prevent incineration of a life within one by doing so. Too many different children in the chain gang schoolyard, reformatory. A butcher and a banger are not in the same circle yet are considered of the same cell structure; same said for thieves, they do not belong in legion league. If anything you create more killers on the inside who went in for manslaughter, self-defence and stealing, murderers made far worse than they really are by taking out a greater monster than themselves…are they to be called a shower of hypocrites? If the caged crew go against each it ironic that they do not heal?
                       ***Fifteenth canto****
Thief to torturer, killer to genocidal and the worst of all rotting the morgue, his execution in a system that erased, put to death that penalty but passively lets it go even though it is not enforced.   Britain’s big bad secret unveiled, leaking out like the throat that got cut, what it really stands for on evil, how I stand unsure, halfway on the capital idea when it comes to killing  but still am happy to see such a man go. Sometimes you need a tearjerker with that bit of justice tacked on…its saddening in a disturbing way and relieving..that its not you and someone else was also paying…
….collecting crimes is a bittersweet feeling..but I don’t commit them…
                        ***sixteenth canto****
Elsewhere a vault cube castle full of criminals, walled themselves in, behind fortified, refined shielding as they burrowed out with the bank notes. Brought along their own future tech in the form of attaché lights, change the keys and the locks to their own specifications, deus exterminate the floor with the same hackquipment. How could they possibly leave the way they walked in during the night for there were so many jewels to move it was to become daylight and as far as the staff were concerned it would be stalemate…can’t go in..can’t get out. Knew nothing of the dig out.
                          ***seventeenth canto****
Copter at landings ready on the other end when they surface but still up in the air, all at the right time. Prepared very very carefully. As the insanity escalated the government sent in a very special bomb squadron to shatter the locks remade in desperation, policemen going pop on explosives ingested, diving in large groups at the devices…it worked, but at a terrible cost of life, but by the time anything had been done the chopper could be seen taking in its clientele and heading off into the wild blue yonder…they stole more than jewels that day…they took lives as well…    
                          ***Nineteenth canto****

Not too far away, in a next door neighbourhood, the whole forest was nothing but a fake, falsification, the eye seeing some things simply as others based on similarity and first lookings. Branches and twigs, into your bare feet somehow they do not bury themselves but mush and mesh, this is because your skin has merged with the death at  the result of your step, upon the stick insect, covered by mint tea leaves.  Pebbles nothing more than a path of discarded pinballs, so grey they might resemble stone and are quite embedded in the surrounding muck.

                                ***twentieth canto****
You’ve not opened the windows of left to see your garden in a very long time so to see seeds and overgrowth or at least what resembles it much be strange. Some of the insects and foliage were stacked for faux pas trees. You stamped out a new nature structure, they were all carrying each other in connection, to put ones foot down as you did so…but you will be given leeway for you did not know. A whole forest from a misstep falls apart…and you go back in to wash off your soles..but you’ll go a whole life..without a soul cleansed…you picked a bad day and place to re-enter the world my friend…  
                                  ***twenty first canto****

Well I heard that the Phoenix park burnt down, any guesses as to how and why? Do I really need to explain that? Why it’s all in a name. Hey hey ever hear the story, wasn’t reported on the news, somethin’ hiding in Hyde park, could be an escaped murderer for all we know. Got a fair view of another park, you see viewing parks is my recreation, a bit like trainspotting is for some people and oh what bottom feeders were to be seen there. They found Anne’s park too mind you, they definitely found a few there, pretty historical moment if you ask me.  
                                   ***twenty secondth canto****
Stephen went green when he heard and his cheeks squelched and filled. Yuletide time now, not nary stir of a mouse, not a noise to be heard, kinda hard when all the children just happened to die on Christmas eve, perishing yes but it was like a present really looking at it another way. A lot of incidents were foretold for the future but spoken of in the past or present today…what were you doing this November 23? Maybe you will be or plan to be involved in a couple of them? Thats it for me for a while now....I swear to'd have to be absolutely nuts not to be as crazy as me...I set all those stages too..lying through my teeth none of you have anything to do with me..they all involved me and a few mad friends of mine... I said I didn't commit crimes back there after I admitted to doing them and getting into trouble...thats because another me sometimes takes over and answers for me and he's honest about the things I sometimes go off denying... 
Ah chrome and endless mademoiselle of the strings..

That tie all this words together under one name and title...
                      *****Final canto*******
Yes you heard me, kill the cantomime, end the eulogy to evil but not before one more hilarious round. You see, there was this stupid bitch who made love to me, adored me when I was younger, but y'know I got a bit sick of her and y'know yourself, the rest of it. Saw another lady letting out her confess, saw the dumb cunt coming round the corner and let the idiot before me in advance but showed resist. My old bird went barmy on her and it was seen by all in the class..a show of hands had her expelled..and that was the end of me and her...the perfect excuse...
...I can see the ambulance now...they want to re-admit me...
But upon my Pegasus I've been pegging for quite a while now I will cheerful as a schoolboy and escape them...and you...what of you, yes you listening to my listed bullfuckshittery as I am on eyes so doesn't make you all jittery... haven't got any friends do you? Come on, grip on...
Then I'll let go..I'll ride the horse'll just fall...bewitched body outline language will be left behind..perhaps even running away...
So scarred now shall be the woman who writes of me in this darkly disgusting account...that her unborn children shall be viewed through the eyes of a woman, to be mother torn from the very things she saw, wrote...imagining it all part of they, her loved ones , the sickening subject and she can't unsee it...can't even hold them..cause her minds on me hurting them so her hands upon them makes her cruel..
...abuses...just happening from her...onto them...although she would  only recoil at the way towards commiting them...
...a I shalt give behead to myself bye bye all indeed goodnight to you too white knight...I see so clearly vaguely through the brightest..end of tunnel lights the nation of nefarious castrates dances while dogs do lick dry...and a musicial tales ends  it all in an epilogue where a madman snake charms none other than the intestine right out of himself...hardly clandestine or subtle...guts take the roles of the guro wig wanders off and I am prepared to be none other than the teeth it sports...  

But y'know I'm an omake, obake kind of otome she says and she can't leave me alone. When she eventually..the woman writer goes bonkers over conkers and  conquer her my creator we'll play cookery and cock remove courses and I'll fuck the world until it can't stand up nor walk no more.SuperduperSoak n' sleuth so, get so hard soaking, swamp slog in insanity bog where your king of a world of pigdogs to play with...great dark mind...sweet feeling up the field..I'll never yield for I you have no shield! Oh I know I know! Since this is running on like some frightful fourteen year olds fanfiction..where we make it up as it goes along and beyond...pour a pond where we can crash crass crossboner coptors, full of captors and cop a-feel-hers..skull planes and thundering tanks on tender souls just trying to survive....nom and nourish be my name , du monde my meal...
Allied Russian rapestravganza at once book burning Berlin...Sovientnammit all and poison apples for teachers everywhere...Head tennis..foots for soccor and balls for suckwell golf...and when all the evil..all the crazy cums out everywhere it'll create a fascist state eternal...evil must have a deranged mother...I am to be its father...of the fucked up future!  
How about it...fancy a look at..on..the generally genocidal side of life...toodles but I am so so very sorry as I was sore assed from childhood long ago.... time to go homicidal...  
But what..glugh...goodbye my friends my friends! They've pulled me off the stage....used an axe as opposed to a cane...kill a moe girl or something to remember me by..make 'er sizzle, make 'er sparkle like her 70s style, comic book eyes  upon the seatly shocker! Keeping the lights on while theres nothing but darkness! Good way to mix them for lukewarm shading. My spirit now in hovering they drag my body through hoards and shattery shards of broken glass and blood beaked bird is readied. Kinda glad to die if I'm bein' honest...avoid the expanding waistline, impotent gum worm and raucously receding die..forever young...with memories of
psychological home...

              *******Beating the dead horse just for fun******
A message now from hell, where I am not alive and living well oh well oh well Poor dear mare, gave it a good scare, bet it well and not like a gamble, whip neither, aren't dead horses fun, better than Bambi on happy Christmas time re-runs. He staggered after the dagger and blowjob forced and then to the head but not one I did give, stumbledored close to the airships open door edge, shotgun spray later, got shagged outta that window looking like there was no tomorrow for him!Iron sky hawk, I sent it into sploding shrapnel , then teleported myself safely to ground level, fell did  he getting nicked by falling debris...copters called in to receive him but by their choppers in more way than blades on butcher play, not a shred of hiding their exploitative and beautiful spinning waltzings..dispicable danse macabre.
Once done phoenixes set to burn did so..minds of their my time here I'm still a sadist but hell..well its made me a lil' softer...have to go for now...devil wants to torture me..gotten a bit on the masochistic to get mah kicks lately. In the copter story the sky dyed dearg...the victim and the round and round appendage really caugh..I mean got it..rather caught on!
I may be an outright...fucked in the head lunatic..but not even I would go so far as to hate on a reveal of what a lover were when I came to love them in the first it would not change how I felt for them. Hey  anyone fancy a quick game of medical cards? Theres a few conditions, we'll need a copy of your visa too and even then I think we might have to avoid handing it over and in case of a stroke I'm afraid you'll  be handing it back over..I guess thats what you'd called a game of snap now wouldn't that be?
So in taking of all this mad nonsense altogether would you care for the invitation to the desserts..a picnic in the Arabian deserts of in the napalm of your hands jelly? I should revisit this tale again some day..recap and recount it all...the notion of such capping gives way to the art of putting ones days into perfect perspective...perhaps when your lives should..could be encouraged to look back...take on such a way of viewing things? Can I get an organ donation in here please? I wanna put this all to music..and what do they deliver to me...? A fucking instrument...

You've read this far...through all the irrelevant vented banter and I'm sure your a whole lot less better...if your confused and lost, well  I'm sorry but it was all explained in the first few lines! These last few too!
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svenspade09 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
still love it
Emmaessence Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I didn't think that people who already read this before would be tuning in for the updates I've been giving it. Thanks for that =P
This one has become a poem/story where pieces of poems that could not fully be seem to go so they can be put to better use as segments rather than complete pieces.  
svenspade09 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
I must say that it's going good, and while I cant always look at everything you post everything I do get to see I love.
svenspade09 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
It;s very engrossing and I like it.
Friendist Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Woah, can't believe I missed this one. It's very engaging O.o
Emmaessence Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad to see this one still getting comments , whenever I get newer watchers I hope that someone at least takes a look at it , its pretty much the longest poem I've ever written and the one I keep coming back to, I wrote it pretty much so I could have something I could go totally bonkers with. => Its also the second or third darkest thing I've written =P
svenspade09 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
A marvelous piece of work So much thought and so creative Grew up wasn't lying when she said you were good
Emmaessence Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! After so many years after this being put up I never expected it to get as many faves and comments as it has. And I'm really flattered that grew up spread my name around =D
svenspade09 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
I'm happy she did to I have started to read your stuff and have loved it all so far and will be commenting more and hope to see more soon.
deepkarma Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
This is wonderful. You write with a passion and an eye for honesty. The world needs more of that. ...whether it makes them uncomfortable or not!

Thank you for sharing this!
Emmaessence Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If you missed the notification. I updated this one with three extra verses see what you think dear.
DompteurLoup Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I must admit I read it out loud and let a bit of my personal insanity loose. I cannot wait to see what else you have written :)
Emmaessence Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for watching me, favouriting this and commenting. The poem itself is about calling out nursery rhymes on their dark origins, verse four deals with isolation while the end of verse 4 and most of verse five is a slice of life approach about writing itself and watching films/anime.
DompteurLoup Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I noted the change from nursery rhymes to anime/manga, I really like that :)
ancientpoet Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
Nursery rhymes dispelled, what lies in the dark heart of your soul, speaketh not LOL ;)
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This is perhaps the best work I have EVER read on DA. ::applauds:: BRAVO!! Bravo! ^__^
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